The Kennedy Center

Washington, D.C.

When the Kennedy Center’s air conditioning failed, ACI immediately installed temporary cooling towers until they could diagnose and solve the problem.

Challenge: Deliver a Quick Response on a Holiday Weekend

Located in Washington, D.C., and home to the National Symphony Orchestra, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is one of the busiest performing arts centers in the U.S., with over 3 million visitors each year.

During the July 4th weekend, the Kennedy Center experienced an issue with their condenser water system, which utilizes the Potomac River, and resulted in the inability to provide air conditioning to the building, a serious challenge due to the very hot weather and the many performances scheduled. The Kennedy Center reached out to ACI, who had previously been engaged to maintain and service the chillers, for assistance. ACI responded quickly and worked tirelessly to restore the air conditioning to the building by installing temporary cooling towers until the problem could be diagnosed and solved.


The Kennedy Center was facing a challenge since their chillers were not receiving the necessary condenser water, which was likely due to recent storms in the area. As a result, the chillers were unable to operate at their fullest capacity. This was a critical issue that needed to be resolved quickly, as the Kennedy Center needed proper air conditioning to keep the building safely open to the public.


ACI promptly responded to the customer’s challenge and leveraged their expertise to identify an immediate solution. ACI’s team of experts had two 1,000-ton cooling towers delivered on trailers with pumps, electrical, and piping installed. This provided the necessary cooling capacity and ensured the safety and comfort of the Kennedy Center’s patrons throughout the summer season.


Despite the unexpected challenges caused by the storms, ACI was able to find an innovative and effective solution to keep its operations running smoothly. Thanks to the efforts of ACI, the Kennedy Center was able to avoid a challenging situation and continue with their scheduled performances. The public was able to enjoy the shows comfortably with quick action from ACI. This is a true testament to the importance of having skilled professionals and their commitment to providing top-notch service to their customers.

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