St. Mary's College of Maryland

Nodal Plant Installation

Contract Value: $1,118,000
Contract Type: Engineered Design

Project Date: May 2006
Compeletion Date: August 2007

ACI was contracted by DGS (The Maryland State Department of General Services) to expand the flexibly of the heating and cooling system at the St. Mary’s College of Maryland in a fully active and occupied educational facility. ACI installed two pre-cast concrete vaults, five pumps and over 600 feet of 6” diameter and 8” diameter buried pipe for hot water and chilled water to connect the mechanical rooms of two existing buildings with the mechanical rooms of three new buildings. The project provides the college with the ability to heat and cool up to five buildings from any of four existing boilers and three existing chillers during mild/low load periods. The project reduced overall fuel consumption and balance cyclical fatigue on the existing heating and cooling equipment.

Special Provisions: An extensive number of system outages were required for system tie-ins. Each outage went flawlessly as scheduled with minimal interruption of class and lab activities. This work took place at an active educational facility.