National Institute of Health Campus

Campus Wide HVAC Upgrades

Contract Value: $1,383,000
Contract Type: Engineered Design

Project Date: May 2006
Compeletion Date: June 2008

ACI was contracted to replace over 30 high pressure steam stations in various buildings across campus. NIH facilities use steam from these stations for space heating and for domestic hot water production as well as for cage washes and for autoclaves. To prevent disruption of service ACI crews prefabricated stations over several weeks and performed demolition of existing equipment and installation of new equipment during off hours, usually a long Saturday into Sunday morning, and assisted with startup and system tuning before leaving the site.

Special Provisions: Many of the facilities at NIH could not operate without steam for extended periods of time, so preparation for outages was critical. ACI crews had to be flexible to effectively coordinate scheduling with KBR supervision, NIH building managers their clients (doctors, researchers, animal care professionals, etc.)