New Cumberland Defense Depot

Boiler Plant Replacement

Contract Value: $7,500,000
Contract Type: Engineered Design

Project Date: August 2009
Compeletion Date: July 2011

Defense Distribution Depot Susquehanna, PA was created in 1991 with the merger of New Cumberland Army Depot and Defense Logistics Agency Defense Depot Mechanicsburg into a single site. Comprised of over 2000 employees, DDSP operates a campus in Mechanicsburg and New Cumberland and is the largest Department of Defense wholesale distribution depot in the United States.

ACI performed mechanical construction of a new boiler plant consisting of two 75,000 PPH boilers and one PPH boiler, a plant wide SCADA system, DA tank, condensate tank, oil tank farm, condensate and boiler feed pumps and water softening system at DCS.

ACI delivered the boiler from Nebraska to Pennsylvania on a strict timeline for deliver on an oversized load which was too large for trucks transportation, the boilers were transported via railroad car under strict supervision. Work took place in an extremely classified area.

This was for a 550 calendar day schedule. Scheduling was critical to time boiler and equipment delivery to coincide with construction of the building envelope and structural steel.

Commissioning Agent - US Army Corp of Engineers