Johns Hopkins Hospital

Central Utility Plant Projects

Contract Value: $3,339,000
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price

Project Date: 2007
Compeletion Date: 2011

ACI has been contracted by Johns Hopkins Hospital to perform projects throughout the Central Plants and across the main medical campus in Baltimore, Maryland. ACI has a long standing relationship with Hopkins as one of their preferred mechanical, electrical and plumbing repair contractors and as one of their preferred service contractors providing 24-hour emergency service in an active educational facility.

ACI performed four re-tubes on 180-psig, high pressure steam, 85,000- pounds per hour A-tube type and D-tube type boilers. ACI self performed all selective demolition, tube installation, refractory work, steel installation, ASME required quality control, electrical work, control work, startup and tuning of each boiler. The non-return valves and blowdown valves were rebuilt and all safety relief valves were recertified as part of these projects.

As a separate project in the same Central Heating Plant, ACI provided and installed a new 360,000-pound per hour Deaerator and installed all associated piping, insulation, electrical, controls, structural steel & roofing as required for a completely operational Deaerator system.

ACI performed water piping upgrades in the Chilled Water Plant Facility resulting from hydraulic analysis to determine the capacity required to support future campus growth. New 30-inch chilled water mains and 20-inch chilled water mains were installed beneath Monument Street, serving the Hospital Campus. ACI installed crossover valves to link the chilled water systems of the East Power Plant and the West Chiller Plant to provide the campus with more chilled water flexibility and additional system redundancy. These valves were installed during highly coordinated planned outages.

ACI performed steam meter and chilled water meter installation in tunnels throughout the campus. Meters were installed on line sizes varying from 4-inches in diameter to 16-inches in diameter. Steam meters installed were inline V-cone type and chilled water meters installed were ultrasonic strap on type.