NSDAR Constitution Hall

Building Heating System Replacement

Contract Value: $891,000
Contract Type: Engineered Design

Project Date: August 2006
Compeletion Date: April 2007

ACI was contracted by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to replace the existing steam heating system with a new hot water heating system. ACI's Electric Division was utilized to perform the electric on this project.

ACI removed existing 75 year old steam stations, steam distribution piping and steam coils to accommodate the transition to a new hot water system. ACI furnished and installed four new HydroTherm KN- 20 boilers. Each boiler has a capacity of 1,999 MBH with 5:1 turndown and Low CO and Low NOx and Low sound emissions. ACI also furnished and installed new water distribution piping and booster pumps for a number of new pre-heat coils, new re-heat coils and new finned tub radiation units. This new heating system was designed by Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. Engineering and Construction Services.

The site is located in the middle of downtown Washington, DC and is listed on the historic register. Building activities were not nterrupted during construction, the hall had no distrubtion of their activities; some of these activities included the regular performance/show schedule for the Concert Hall—Tom Joyner Sky Show, Whoopi Goldberg, Commencement Ceremonies, Navy Band, etc. All activities went on with no downtime.

A minimum of change orders were presented. Change orders were added for control modifications and chemical water treatment per customer's request.