DCPS Coolidge High School

Chillers and Cooling Towers

Contract Value: $1,436,000
Contract Type: Firm Fixed Price

Project Date: March 2010
Compeletion Date: May 2010

Project was for Turner Construction, located at RFK Memorial Stadium Site Office, Parking Lot 5, 2400 E Capitol Street, SE Washington, DC 20003. ACI's Electric Division was utilized to perform the electric on this project.

ACI installed two 155 ton Carrier Chillers, BAC Cooling Tower and completed the installation of chilled water piping system to nine AHU’s inclusive of replacing the hot water coils and installing new chilled water coils. We installed a condenser water piping system and a new control system for the chilled water/ Condenser water piping systems. We replaced the control system for the hot water piping system and cleaned all the existing duct work and chemically treated the new piping systems.

Special Provisions: This work took place at an active educational facility with no interruption to their daily activities and no down time.

There was no change in completion time. The original contract amount was increased because there were several change orders for additional work proposed and accepted by the owner and GC.