Borger Management Inc.

Building System Upgrade

Contract Value: $1,975,000
Contract Type: Signed Fixed Price

Project Date: May 2007
Compeletion Date: Spring 2008

ACI was the prime contractor. ACI's Electric Division was utilized to perform the electric on this project.

System Upgrade - Replaced air handler units and condensing units, breeching, heat exchangers, expansion tanks, (2) 300 HP Hurst Boilers, boiler feed system and tank, return piping, oil pump-set, control system upgrade, humidification system upgrade, pumps, water treatment, replaced dampers variable frequency drives, variable speed drives, heat pumps, blower, bearings, chemical feed tank and duct heaters, valves and fans, repaired all Insulation and ID piping. We provided As Built Drawings.

Special Provisions: This work took place at an active educational facility with no interruption to their daily activities and no down time.

Work took place with the office building fully occupied without disruption to the tenants or the building services. The mechanical room was located at the top of the building. A 350 ton crane had to be set up on K Street and reach to the back of the building to rig out the old boilers and set the new boilers and equipment. This was due to an underground parking garage in the rear. All work was completed on a stringent schedule in an occupied building.

Work performed by certified welders.